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Stef & Odel

Stef and Odelia, sneak preview …

Happy birthday, Nicole!

Last Sunday I shoot at a sweet little girl birthday party, her name is Nicole and she’s 7 years old this year. She has a very nice parents and I can see that they are a happy family, looking at a happy family makes me happy too : ) btw the party was held at interesting place where kids can see how beer is brewed. This was the first time for me too to see the process, made me think to brew it by myself…
Again, Happy birthday, Nicole!

Baby as art

Photographing babies is not as easy as it looks, especially if we want to make it more than just an usual baby portrait. Fortunately, I have one little baby at home who is, I assume, willing to become my model : )


I saw Kyan playing Wii then it crossed in my mind to ask him to carry L and surprisingly he said “Ok papa” then he sat down and I put L on his lap. But when I asked him to kiss L, he didn’t answer : )