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Bicycle #2

So finally we taught Kyan how to ride a bike, a two-wheels bike, and it didn’t take long for him to ride it by himself without any support. I should’ve prepared his safety equipment like helmet, but once in a while i guess it should be fine – and fun – to ride without those things, just like the old days.

Poor Tristan, after we went back home from the park, we noticed that he also got chickenpox (I got it last week too) and almost for a week now he just stay in his room with TV and iPad as his entertainment

Birthday Party.

1st birthday is a huge milestone, both for the child and for the parent, and it’s good to celebrate it or throw a party – either with family or friends. And the most important thing is to capture the moments, it’s true the birthday boy/girl won’t remember it but when they grow up and looking at their photo album, they will see how they look like when they turns one, who was at the party, what they did, etc. It will be a memory of their life.
And here are some photos of the cute Nate, happy birthday!