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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Baby as art

Photographing babies is not as easy as it looks, especially if we want to make it more than just an usual baby portrait. Fortunately, I have one little baby at home who is, I assume, willing to become my model : )

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I saw Kyan playing Wii then it crossed in my mind to ask him to carry L and surprisingly he said “Ok papa” then he sat down and I put L on his lap. But when I asked him to kiss L, he didn’t answer : )

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Happy Birthday, Tristan

Today is Tristan’s birthday and he’s 2 years old now, he might not understand what it is but for us, as parent, we are grateful and thankful to God for having him in our family. I wish him all the good things in life and I hope he’ll be a kind person.

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Jacob’s Family

Meet Audrey. She’s a cool little honey bee and she’s just 4-5 months old. Unfortunately it was a cloudy afternoon and looked like it’s going to rain so I only had a short time to take her pictures. We’ll meet again once you can sit down properly ya : )

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